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Reggie Hamilton's Bio and EXODUS CD Liner Notes

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Born April 30th in Memphis, TN...Reggie Hamilton began singing at the age of 2 and playing instruments at the young age of 7 yrs old. Growing up in Memphis and in the church gave him a strong musical and spiritual background... with such Memphis musical influences such as: Al Greene, Earth Wind and Fire, Isaac Hayes (his 2nd cousin) and many more national and world renouned artists (Prince, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Luther Vandross, Will Downing, Peabo Bryson, Patti Labelle, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Lena Horne, Stanley Turrentine, Herbie Hancock, Quincey Jones, Barry Gordy, Russell Simmons, Kevin Liles, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, etc. and influences from various styles of music (R&B, Jazz, Classical, Rap, Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, Reggae, Funk, Dance, etc.) it was inevitable that music and the music business was in his blood, thus his evolution as a artist with a thirst for musical and business knowledge, experience, talent and showmanship. During the summer of 1981, at age 11, he taught himself how to play the piano by ear. At the age of 14 (December 14, 1984) his quest as a songwriter and recording artist began; working diligently performing, writing, producing, composing and pressing forward in his pursuits. By the age of 18 he was a well accomplished musician playing a total of 19 instruments which by the age of 22 grew to the total of 27 instruments (including: violin, violas, cello, bass, drums, piano, organ, synth keyboards, acoustic guitar, lead guitar and a host of various percussion instruments).

Presently, Reggie Hamilton is an accomplished artist with a love for music and a passion for lyrical, vocal and musical expression. After playing violins in a symphony orchestra for 3 yrs, playing and array of instruments in various bands, producing and creating music for other artists, and eventually venturing out as a solo artist to continue in his musical evolution of over 21 years ...The time has come for his EXODUS and for the world to partake of this musical journey. Reggie Hamilton has built up a musical catalog of over500 plus songs - many of which the world has never heard. At present, there are at least 25 CD's worth of future music to come from this artist; with many more songs being created daily. With a solid fan base ( - the OFFICIAL fan site) that reaches every continent on the globe and the recent music video release of "When U Need A Love" on BET-J he plans to gain the worldwide attention that his music truly deserves. is an enigmatic song release; music that will engulf the listener to experience the musical/mental evolution. His music is sure to mesmerize and astound you as your partake of a cathardic journey into the musical realm of his massive musical catalog of 300 plus songs. Reggie Hamilton successfully conveys all of the elements that it takes to be a certified, worldwide artist. It incorporates the musical styles of adult contemporary, jazz, r&b, soul, spiritual, reggae, funk, spoken word, world & pop crossover appeal. Individually, the songs prove that they can stand on their own as certified single releases - singles that yell out for platinum status. All music is written, produced, arranged, composed and performed by Reggie Hamilton; his music is surely a must for any enthusiatic music lover's collection.

Included within the EXODUS (4 CD Box Set) are 2 shares of stock in the company, The Renaissance Group ( in efforts to give back to the world as we help to create a change in each other's lives forever.

EXODUS (4 CD Box Set) Liner Notes:

Through our journey down the road of life in this chaotic and hellatious world that we live in; we seek to find a place of solice, a point of restoration, joy, love and a peaceful state of being (mind, heart, body, spirit and soul). In the midst of this journey as we experience our joy and pain; we encounter life's cathardic lessons that God allows us to go through in order for us to get to the point of where HE wants us to be. And through these "lessons" (whether personally or vicariously though another person's experience), we're blessed to grow into an untimate state of joy, love, strength, understanding and peace in our lives...thus the name and the concept of this CD appropriately entitled "EXODUS".

Title Relativity:

In the aftermath of sorrow, negativity and pain GOD will create a change, thus a "Renaissance" in you. Which will cause you to just sit back and "Relax" in the peace that He gives to you. So in the midst of all of your interactions ypu'll learn to "Let It Flow" and let things work in GOD's time and not yours (for all things work for good, for those who love the Lord). In full submission to Him you'll find yourself "Spellbound" as ypu relate to HIM (Jesus Christ) and fall in love with and become "married to" the the personification of word of GOD and all that it does to and for you. (Lyrics from the song "Spellbound") "Just keep on doing how you do what you do to me, cause I like it and you've got me.." As you are blessed with a person that he has placed in your life to bring you joy and happiness, you will find yourselves with a true spiritual closeness than none can compare, thus saying i wanna get "N2U?" (mentally, spiritually, romantically - to become ONE with you, to get into your heart and your soul). And "When U Need A Love" you'll find there's no greater love sublime than the love of GOD and the loved one that HE physically places here in your midst for you. Never forget that each person in your life is a gift from GOD, they are there for a purpose in your life. Honor and cherish that person for GOD is housed inside of them...there isn't another individual like you, so its ALWAYS an honor and a priviledge 2 be in your midst 4 GOD is inside U. In other words, "Do unto others as U would have them do unto U", for GOD will blessyou to see "The Dawn" of a new day with peace in your heart and no stress or worries of you every doing wrong to any of His children. Retribution, judgement and reprecussions do come back on those who do wrong in ANY form (minor or major)...get the point? As we continue to grow and dive into "The Abyss" of life; we find ourselves "Moving On" from the rubbish, the dogma and negativity from the past and rising from the state of feeling ..."Indigo Blue"; giving GOD a "Prayer From The Soul" in aspirations of coming fully into "The Essence" of HIM...thus bringing U into an untimate "Utopia". This musical work is a mere exemplification of the joy and peace that I've been blessed to now enter into...thus a form of praise (Praise comes in many forms - musical, verbal, physical, etc.). By dealing with fake friends, lost loves, heartaches, lies, deception, plights of the flesh, pain, disappointments, abrupt loss of material things (home, car and finance) and loved ones, various attacks of envy, jealousy, misery, depression, negativity and negative people, internal reflections, weight loss of over 120 pounds and spiteful outside acknowledgements of the "bloopers" of my past and other mishaps that I've encountered; has brought me to this state of being. for through those trials and tribulations, God was and is fashioning me to become all of what He wishes and wants me to be (to be a beacon of light to all I come in contact with) ...thus making me a much stronger person than before and positioning me to be more apt to overcome all things, on a higher level, with what future encounters (both positive and negative) lie ahead. Remember to always P.U.S.H. (Pray/Praise Until Something Happens), even in the midst of your storm, your breakthrough (your peace, joy, mate, finances, business, elevation in life, etc) is on the way. Like Shadrach, Meshack and Abendigo we all have our "firey furnace" that we encounter (bills, relationships, friends, family, job, envy, greed, deception, lies, slander, games, etc.) and as those spiritual flames try to engulf us and take us under; we should remember that in the midst of chaos there is peace. But through continuous prayer and a firm belief in GOD, we all can and shall be blessed to come out of those "storms of life" as pure gold into a state of peace and restoration...thus a "EXODUS". Find the EXODUS with yourself and live life to the fullest EVERYDAY. So to all of "The Negatives" (you know who you are); through all of the pain, hurt, deception, lies, envy, jealousy, etc that you've caused and shown 2 the world and also through the self enflictions that I allowed myself to go through. I'd like to say... thank you for being you...for you forced me to look within myself, tap into the GODforce within and exemplify the GREATNESS of HIM. Thus my new found state of peace, my joy, my love, my heart, my "EXODUS". Enjoy...

Special thanks 2 the Supreme Being :) no matter what U call Him; he’s
all that and then some! Thank U, G! 4 being U, being there 4 me when NO ONE else was. could or wanted 2 and being there with me through it all from my beginning, to my EXODUS and beyond.

Love ya,

Secondly, I’d like 2 thank my mom (Diva we're gonna make it through), my family, Dad—thank U 4 your seed and doing ur part in my creation and my existence 4 this very moment in my life and beyond. Denise, Jeffrey, Kenyen Greene- U were there in the beginning of it all we built this thing together way back when (U are 4ever my brotha 4 life - let's do this!!), William Freeman, Kenya Perry aka Cinnamon, Chattina"TINA" Linear - U still amaze me till this day. "Just keep on doing how U what U do cuz I like it" Keep it sexy baby girl!, Patrick Bradley, Jill Oshimata, Lacey James, Sheldon H., Edward H., Moneshia, Kojack, I.Q., No-L, Orlando, Gus, Troe, Richard, N.O.I., Welcome 2 Forever, Inc., M.G.T., Morshica Bolden, Franchesca, Olayinka F., Quinn, Tiffany G, Jeanecia, Frank M., Keith D. Thanks 2 ALL of the “The Negatives” 4 U allowed the exodus 2 come 2 be...THANK U!


Recorded and MIxed at: Kiva Recording Studio, BTS Studio, Tree-O Productions, Brower Street Recordings, Al's HArmonic Salon, Vaughn's Recordings, Dreamland Studios, Glenview Productions

Cities of Recordings: Philadelphia, PA; Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA; Memphis, TN; Washington, DC

Mastered at: Mixxmaster STudios

Engineered by: Reggie Hamilton, Terrance Willams, Neal Jones, Vaughn Price, DJ Lil Risky,Alan Hayes, Barry Jackson, Darryl Woods, Haniel Trishna, DRX, Mr. Freeman, D'Laniger

Written, Produced, Arranged, Composed and performed by Reggie Hamilton for Tree-O Productions

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