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 The Renaissance Group: Stock Redemption Form 



First and foremost, thank you for your purchse of our product.  We pray that you enjoy this product just as much as our artist(s) enjoyed creating it.  A lot of blood, sweat and tears, time and effort went into the making of this project and many more creative entities to come in the forthcoming future from The Renaissance Group.



Through our various list of alternate company entities; we vow and plan to continue to bring you the best products and services for use in every aspect of persons lives as well as continue to bring you residual benefits from the sales, gains, profits from ALL that we do.

Again, thank you for you time, effort, love and financial suppport. To learn more about The Renaissance Group, goto: 

Complete the stock redemption form below, to confirm your recently purchased shares of stock obtained within the

EXODUS (4 CD Box Set) or the EXODUS (Dreamaland Deluxe 5 CD Box Set w/ "Reflections" Book)



Proof of purchase #
Name of purchase location
Fisrt Name
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Middle Initial (if any)
Contact Phone Number
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Did you enjoy your copy of the product purchased?
Are you Interested in gaining more shares of stock?
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