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Charity Organization
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The Renaissance Foundation
Creating a social change 4 the world

The Renaissance Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in the spring of 1998. We are dedicated in the efforts 2 confront and correct the various ills within this society; and more specifically the Black community and bring forth an overall social "renaissance". We live in a world where degradation, poverty, unemployment, poor medical assitance, poor education and immorality has sustained itself in our daily lives. It has become imperative that there must be a point of change. And we, here at The Renaissance Foundation, wish 2 play a major part in the overall "renaissance" of humanity (whether economically, spiritually, morally, etc.) We will venture out, in every way possible, into every aspect of human endeavor and bring forth a positive change. In order 2 bring forth 100% change there must first be 100% dissatisfaction. As we journey through life, we sadly see the ill effects of the deviation and the sublime negligence of humanity throughout all of society.
We, The Renaissance Foundation, plan 2 confront the issues of homelessness, drug abuse, physical, mental and emotional abuse, unemployment, illiteracy (reading and computer), economic revitalization of the community, child care, poverty, education, politics and basic individual needs (homes, clothing and food). We not only will provide job training we will create and provide jobs 4 all individuals in need. Far 2 many times we see the negative end result of our children "sliding" through school without a proper education in order 2 maintain a stable and independent life as a mature and productive adult. Thus, creating an on-going cycle of poverty, drugs, crime, unemployment and an alarming rate of young individuals with no hope and no vision of correcting the perilous situation that is being laid before them. With the help of God, along with your financial and public assistance we can make a difference in millions of lives worldwide.

So far, various donations have been collected from proceeds of record sales, the general public and corporate America, the sales of various other products from Tree-O Productions, concert performances, charity benefits and various other social events. Much of the proceeds from the various products that are 2 be sold throughout this website, a portion of those proceeds will be donated 2 "The Renaissance Foundation". The question that is 2 be asked is..."If not us, who? If not now, when?" Please help in the cause of creating a change. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Your support is welcome. To make a tax-deductible, financial contribution 2 aid in the social "renaissance" of the world, please send your donations 2:

The Renaissance Foundation
c/o Tree-O Productions
P.O. Box 541
Bellaire, TX 77402

Welcome 2 Forever!

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